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“We email everything you need to shop for and cook fresh, healthy and super tasty meals 5 nights a week!”

You’ll never be stuck with an empty fridge, asking yourself what to cook for dinner, ever again! Each meal is quick, healthy, super tasty and fussy-kid friendly




Fresh Healthy Dinners Prepared Every Night In Less Time Than Take Out


The most important meal of the day for most families is dinner. It is the only part of the day you get to spend most time with the kids, your spouse, family and friends.

But there is one challenge.

The last thing you want to do at the end of a long busy day is think about what to eat for dinner tonight and then start preparing the meals.

Sometimes you may end up grabbing takeout on your way home or grabbing items from your freezer to get something out fast.

Let’s face it when we rush to get dinner out most times this may not be making healthy or fresh dinner choices on the spur of the moment.

If you ever had the thought of “what is for dinner” then you do not ever have to worry about this ever again.

We at Grab and Cook have done the homework to solve the problem for you.


Not only do we send you delicious and fresh dinner items and recipes to prepare fresh healthy dinners in advance for the week, we send you a shopping list as well to make shopping a breeze.

If your usual shopping list looks something like walking down the store isles and grabbing a box of chocolates, 4 boxes of deep-fried fish fingers, pork crackling and a crate full of frozen meat pies, plus some double-iced doughnuts… we don’t want to know what your meal plans look like!

We have taken the liberty to tour grocery stores and prepared the best shopping list for you and specifically tailored the dinner recipes from these shopping lists.

When you take advantage of the two week free dinner menus you will immediately start eating healthier, save cash and your family will thank you for it. You will get compliments like “mum, this is tasty” and everyone in your family will look forward to dinner time again.

What a neat way to get the family back and eat fresh tasty food.


Every Friday, we will send directly to your email a weeks’ worth of tasty, healthy dinner menu and shopping lists.

Grab and Cook meal plans are designed by a fitness professional that knows what you need to put in your body to get the best out.

Subscribe now and you’ll always have a fridge bursting with goodness and a happy, healthy body!

Here is what you are going to get if you skip the free two sample menus and sign up today


1. Get an entire year of grocery shopping lists and dinner recipes sent to you on the Friday for each week. No more thinking about what is for dinner every again.

Open your Fridge any day of the week and immediately pull out today’s ingredients. In just 30 minutes dinner will be ready. No more staring at an empty fridge.

2. Fussy eaters will enjoy the what’s on your dinner table. With the variety and fresh ingredients prepared that week, you will not leave any fussy eaters behind.
We will include seasonal vegetables in the shopping list. Food is cheaper, fresher and healthier for you.

3. All meals will be prepared and cooked in 30 minutes. We give you the exact steps to do this. It is faster and tastier than take out.

4. You shop for no more than Grab and Cook for the week. It limits your budget and makes shopping fun and prep time easy.

5. The grocery list and dinner menu is sent directly to your email. You can access this any time on your mobile phone and shop easily in the store. No need to print out these lists unless you absolutely must see them on paper.

6. If you thinking about sending gifts to friends or family then Grab and Cook is the ideal gift. They will thank you for it and may even invite you to their home for dinner.
Just $50 for a 12 month membership to Grab and Cook or $4.95 a month for the monthly dinner and shopping list plan