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Here Is My Story…Hi they call me Fit MickI created this website for one reason only. To help you prepare fresh healthy delicious dinners in less time it than it would to get takeaway.

You see I’ve been a personal trainer and owner of a fitness business in Sydney for the last 6 years. During this time I’ve helped hundreds of clients lose weight and achieve their fitness goals. But at the same time there were a few clients who did not get results. Often times when my clients took a holiday or didn’t work out for a while, they’d fall off track.


I’ve talked to almost every single one of my clients and spent hundreds of hours trying to figure out the reason for this. And in one interview with a client I managed to see a pattern why people would fall off the wagon. Most people would do some level of exercise or try to eat healthy but were eating all the wrong foods. They would end up driving to the local takeaway shop, making unhealthy choices at a restaurant and would eat foods that tasted good but at the same time made you put on more weight.

So I spent months trying to figure this all out and came to an ‘AHA’ moment.

The most important meal of the day is dinner. That’s when you get to unwind with the family and enjoy this the most. You’re not rushed and there’s no pressure to run from appointment to appointment.

So I decided to build a team to create fresh, tasty and healthy recipes that you can spend 20 minutes on a Sunday shopping for and not more than 30 minutes a day cooking. Resulting in fresh DELICIOUS dinners.

These dinner meal plans we created are all tasty and fresh. You do not need to skimp on tasty food. I included only fresh, seasonal ingredients and prepared each and every single meal myself. It’s all about buying less food, buying the right food and making more meals with less ingredients. It is about eating tasty fresh foods without preservatives and the stuff that makes us fatter and sick over time.

So to help you and all my personal training clients I started this meal planning company.

I will send you a shopping list of items to buy in advance for the week. No more wastage or buying things you may not eat. And then I will send you the recipes from which you will turn these into meals. I individually cook and eat each meal to make sure it’s super tasty and to prove that they’re healthy enough even for a personal trainer!

Once you see this in your email each week it’ll motivate you to stay on course during the weekday.

You’ll feel happier and your family will love this.

I am personally committed to helping you lead a happier lifestyle by getting family dinners back on track.

Join us today and find out how we can help you and your family get back on track

And as always you can send me a personal message at contact@grabandcook.com.au