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Monthly subscription

• Tasty meal plans delivered every week

• Billed monthly, cancel anytime

$4.95 (NZ$6.30)

Annual Subscription

• 12 months of meal plans including shopping lists delivered weekly

• 2 months free

• Bonus: Healthy dessert menu once a month

$50 (NZ$63)

What you get

The meal plans are posted in advance each Friday. You will be able to shop and plan by Sunday night. You only need 20 minutes of shopping time each week.

Weekly Meal Plan:

• Full meals with all sides and dressing

• Never be bored again. Each week’s menu options are different

• Fresh healthy ingredients. Your body will love this. Your family will love you for these healthy and tasty meals

Weekly Shopping List:

• Emailed to you weekly

• Organised so that you can easily find the ingredients in your local supermarket

• Includes cost estimates so that you know how much you will spend on dinner each week